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Significant drop in traffic since April 2023


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Hi everybody,

After going through the problem 500 times and consulting several SEO experts - who didn't find anything, I'm stucked.

My website, which has been around for 13 years and has been growing steadily since then, experienced sudden drops in traffic during the year 2023 for no apparent reasons (no site changes, no Google penalties). The site is on Prestashop, it's not perfect but it's healthy, fast and updated daily. However, some of my keywords have gone from the 6th position to the 78th, the traffic of some pages of my site has been divided by 8 and the visibility of my site has even become almost non-existent in some countries (divided by 20 in the USA...). My competitors haven't experienced these problems so I admit I don't know what to do anymore. If you have any leads, even far-fetched ones, I'm all ears.

Thanks for your help,

Lionel https://www.mauvais-genres.com 

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One reason why people can't get to the reason is that even with the domain name there is tons of data missing.
Google is half run by AI, that preprogrammed software pulls occasionally some pages from the index. Which is a good reason to drop.

The internet is growing and your competitors don't sleep,the larger ones employ people who add content. Thus go past you. Or they optimise their site, something which is not done in your case.

Attached is the keyword extract. In clear words your site is more optimized for affiches, cinema and format. Even when people recognize that it is a shop, search engines do not help you. So the french word acheter for buying is clearly not present.

People nowadays search with 4 and more words. 



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From a list of commentary on Google Algorithm changes:


March 2023 Broad Core Update
The March 2023 Broad Core Update was released on March 15, 2023 and is an essential algorithm update that affects all content types within all regions and languages. According to Google, the changes are intended to improve how their systems assess content overall.

This means that pages that were previously under-rewarded may now receive better rankings in search results. The update does not target any specific pages or sites.

Site owners should focus on creating high-quality and high-value webpages with helpful content, good user experiences, and strong E-E-A-T signals (experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness).

April 2023 Review Update

The April 2023 Review Update was launched on April 12, 2023 and is a significant algorithmic update regarding reviews about products, services, destinations, games, movies, and other similar topics.

This update is not only important for SEO professionals but also businesses that rely heavily on customer reviews. During its rollout, SEMRush Sensor detected high volatility on April 20th, 23rd, and 25th.

The update was designed to improve user experience and search rankings by allowing users to easily find relevant information from product and service reviews.

As part of this algorithm change, Google points to its guidance on how to create high-quality reviews.

The goal of your content should be to demonstrate expertise, provide evidence, and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the subject. It should help users make informed decisions.

Follow best practices such as evaluating from a user’s perspective, comparing similar options, and linking to useful resources for a comprehensive and helpful review.


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