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Developer and Merchant feedback required

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Hello everyone

I have been developing an online store for almost one year. We had a huge upgrade in April, and now it's time for another upgrade that I have been working on for the past month.

I'd like to share it here and get some feedback, the reason is I work alone for the company, and there is no developer team here, therefore no one has ever commented on my work, except for poor customers who got stuck on some pages and called the customer service 😃

Now, I'm kindly asking you to please check this demo of the new website at https://beisat.store  and let me know what are your thoughts.
It's just a demo and still not completed, on the other hand as I mentioned I'm the one and only developer here, so please take a deep breath before giving me emotional damage ^_^


Technical Details For Developers and Merchants:

  • I've made around 60 custom modules for this website and most of them are only available in the back office.
  • There are some specific modules for the front office too, but I'm adding them one by one.
  • The old version of the website runs on version 1.7 and the demo is using 8.1.2
  • Currently, there are three main modules installed
    • Mobile Login
      • Use mobile to create an account and log in
      • No need for passwords, just use OTP
      • Skip the personal information step on the order page when the user is logged in to simplify the checkout flow
    • Google Map Address Form
      • Adds a map in the address form
      • Shows only two fields, Address and Phone
      • Other fields are hidden and filled automatically based on the location selected
      • Users can search on the map and also by typing the address
      • A GEOJSON layer is added to the map that holds details about carriers
      • When a user selects a location, the map adds coordinates, place ID, and the carrier of that location to the address
      • This way we skip the delivery step and select the carrier automatically to simplify the checkout flow
    • Automatic Geo Locator
      • This module uses the CloudFlare header variables
      • Having that detected country from CloudFlare, sets the country, and currency for the user
      • Having these modules reduces the checkout steps from 4 to 2 and for this region and business it makes sense, maybe in others, it doesn't make sense

These two modules don't add any overrides

If you need services on PrestaShop, I'd be happy to help :)

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The shop is for mobile view only?
I think that it is a mistake to exclude people by choosing one version of the many offered. It's no joy to browse a purely mobile shop on a desktop. Not much can be said as it's still full of lorem ipsum. 

For shops to run efficiently, rank where they wish to position,  I think cloud hosting is not really recommandable, too many times cloud services fail and most shops have no back ups at cloud failure, they trust(ed) the provider. 


Sure the press overdoes it.


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