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I need Feedback on my store and Looking for an expert advise to make it better.


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On 12/30/2023 at 7:57 AM, adamthomson123 said:

I am unable ot rank my online store and cannot get sales

To rank you need to get the shop into line, it is not the best idea to convert into a corner store on the world wide web. First you need to aim for a few keywords then you can go further. Ranking alone will not get you customers.

Do you have a marketing strategy, or you did the website and hoped for the best? 

Below you have your keywords, in percentages. Those keywords are seldom used alone, they are used in search queries with about 4+ words. Most people aim for cheap mattresses in London, or the district they are in. Unfortunately most people look for cheap tracks. There is always a cheaper offer.  




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