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PayPal Dispute Resolution


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I will write the case why I DO NOT RECOMMEND using PayPal.

1. the customer purchases an electronic license from you

2. PayPal will block the payment for 24 hours to verify the customer

3. PayPal will not add your payment and mark the transaction as pending

4. the customer initiates a dispute

5. PayPal will acknowledge the dispute and refund the customer

6. you are charged a dispute fee of €15

7. the appeal is not recognized

8. PayPal blocks your payment option and you cannot top up your credit and pay €15

9. PayPal wants to resolve the dispute through the enforcement department

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Do you want to prevent unnecessary losses due to problem customers?

Do not use PayPal !

PayPal will not verify a customer who provides false information or a non-existent email.

Yes, the alternative is not to use payment gateways, but only a bank account in your country.

I'd rather have no customers than scammers.

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