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PayPal module just stopped working


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PrestaShop 8.0.1

PayPal v5.7.6 by 202 ecommerce

Been happily using PayPal to accept payments for years, on Oct 1st it simply ceased to function.

Testing checkout led to no progress beyond cart and the following message:

"Error in PayPal

An unexpected error occurred. Please contact shop administrator


Went through numerous attempts with my hosting provider but nothing has worked. We deactivate the module which then led to numerous other issues which took 12 hours to get through.

We're finally back to having the module there and working, but whenever a customer attempts to pay the pop-up box vanishes without loading and the "Error in PayPal" message appears.

I have been trying to research this issue for 24 hours now and there is no information I can find to fix this.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!


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