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transfer some data from old prestashop to 8.1


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I am in the process of transferring shop from 1.6 to 8.1  All data in new shop now and all ok except I now have a few new customers that have add orders to old shop and I need to get that data into 8.1 My question is if I do it manually what are the tables I need to look in for the new customer registration and the orders they created so I can import them into 8.1 database

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There tables for store customer:

  • ps_customer
  • ps_customer_group
  • ps_customer_message
  • ps_customer_message_sync_imap
  • ps_customer_session
  • ps_customer_thread

There tables for an order:

  • ps_orders
  • ps_order_carrier
  • ps_order_cart_rule
  • ps_order_detail
  • ps_order_detail_tax
  • ps_order_history
  • ps_order_invoice
  • ps_order_invoice_payment 
  • ps_order_invoice_tax
  • ps_order_message
  • ps_order_message_lang
  • ps_order_payment
  • ps_order_return
  • ps_order_return_detail
  • ps_order_slip
  • ps_order_slip_detail
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