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[FREE script] Extract all product images in a few seconds

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I was looking to extract all my product images quickly.

So I asked ChatGPT to do a python script for me.

All you have to do is to download the "p" folder at "[Your Store]/img/" and run the python script :


import os
import shutil

def copy_img(source, destination):
    counter = 0
    for root, dirs, files in os.walk(source):
        filename = ''.join(root.split(os.sep)[len(source.split(os.sep)):]) + '.jpg'
        if filename in files:
            source_file = os.path.join(root, filename)
            destination_file = os.path.join(destination, filename)
            print("Copying file " + filename)
            shutil.copy(source_file, destination_file)
            counter += 1
    return counter

source = input("What is \"p\" folder path ?\n")
destination = input("What is the destination path ?\n")
files_copied = copy_img(source, destination)
print("\nDone ! " + str(files_copied) + " files copied.\n")


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