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How can I Import data from v1.6.0.8 to the latest v8.0.x?


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Hello friends,
I am taking a job to actually Import/Migrate data from a PS store running v1.6.0.8, to the latest version of PS 8.0.x. I don't want to use any paid tool/module for this and want to do it all on my own using a CSV file. I am ready to amend these CSV files on the way where it will become necessary to achieve the goal.

I would like to know from the community, if anybody else have done anything like this? if Yes, I am sure he/she will have some CSV templates (used during the process) readily available as well. Can you share that?

I would be keen on listening from the community, if they can suggest me some tips to achieve the objective which can benefit me during the process.

Thanks and looking to ahead from this Wonderfuly Community.


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You are better served by using PrestaShop Upgrade module:

you will want to first create a development copy of the production shop.

make sure to create backup zip of the dev copy files and dev database

Take baby steps, i.e. upgrade to latest 1.6, then to 1.7.6 then try leap to 8.

always make backup zip of each successful upgrade, this way if upgrade fails to next you can revert back and try again

manual .csv type migrations are for 'expert' level PS technical folks, I don't recommend that for you and I always use upgrade module.



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I have tried that but Unfortunately, even that has not succeeded, if you are referring to "1-Click Upgrade" module. They have released a new version v4.15, which isn't compatible with Prestasshop v1.6.0.8, and the old v4.14.2 is not working as the PS keeps on suggesting to upgrade the Module, and if I upgrade it I get an error that v4.15 isn't compatible with your current version of Prestashop.

I am stuck! can anybody help?





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