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cssPro - Eliminate .css Render-Blocking with Preload by PrestaHeroes USA

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I am professionally pleased to release into the PrestaShop community our solution that removes render blocking .css files from your PrestaShop.  

Compatible with all 1.7 releases and runs on all our inhouse client shops. 

Our mantra:  We test so you don't have to. 

Please see Product Video for overview, installation and configuration.  

Optimizing resource loading with Priority Hints

cssPro allows you to remove render blocking .css  files by applying the Resource Hint 'preload' to all or individual .css files used in your shop.  Support for advanced users Priority Hints low, high and auto.  

Provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces blink rate, the holy grail of performance tuning
  • Faster 'above the fold' page render
  • Improved visitor experience with faster usability
  • Improved site core vitals for better organic SEO

Learn more and purchase module on our website here:  Product Link | Product Video


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4 hours ago, dandumit said:

@PrestaHeroes USA - what theme do you reccomend to pass core web vitals ?

Than kyou,




default theme

apply custom theme design as a child theme you will need to purchase a few addons, usually a menu manager

ccc .js | .css  (check file names same across all pages) and if not disable CCC of .js and/or .css

<1 second TTFB is accomplished by robust hosting

it's easier to improve performance with good hosting than tune an application

tune your mysql config, most never think to do this important bit

remove render blocking .css / .js  (that what our modules do, we did them client and though to release to publish)  sold two maybe lool...not a marketer


also, many shop owners/admins get to focused on performance, to the point of breaking their shops with vodoo cache modules.  Have good hosting but focus on selling, just because you can change ps, does not mean  you should lool.


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