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Need Some feedback on my store


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Hi All,  Need some feedback on my site.  I am working hard on this now.  I am using the classic theme and plan to cusomise a bit more going forward.

https://www.h e l i o u s.co.uk

Please remove the blanks as I don't want search engines to pick up my site from these forums as it's not ready and live just yet.  Have not added products yet as this is still a work in progress.  



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9 hours ago, eric vzseggse said:

There's only 1 page tho ?

There are about 40 Pages of shop and 120 Twitterlinks, that page is fully overloaded and will confuse users more than to invite them.
Moreso the menu structure contribuites to the confusion the overall shop creates. Do you have buyers? They must know you and being uin love. ; )


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