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Confused understanding roadmap from to presta 8 and presta 9


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I am having troubles understanding where prestashop is going and what impact it will have for users like us who are on a

Is V8 already available for production? shall we forget prestashop.com site and go to the "project" one ? how is this affecting modules.What is the shelf life of the version. Why are you already mentionning presta 9 while  "Feature freeze for PrestaShop 8.1 also means that work around PrestaShop 9.0 can begin when we have very little infomation about version 8 yet." (https://build.prestashop-project.org/news/2023/prestashop-8-1-feature-freeze/).

I am lost with all that scattered information, can someone give some clear information ? Maybe send link to relevant information, all I undersatood is that prestashop will not be supported anymore, and what a shame as we only switched to that version now, spent again money on modules, developpers, all this for nothing ??

Are you going the Magento way who started open source and was proud of it, only to become one of the most expensive ecommerce platform today ??

In advance thanks for any clarifications .


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Maybe this one will clear out some questions https://build.prestashop-project.org/news/2021/prestashop-beyond-1-7/

and https://build.prestashop-project.org/news/2023/178-in-extended-support-phase/

Note that version 8 is out and  auto-upgrade module is also updated to allow updates from 1.7 to 8 but as it is major version, and like with any upgrade you should test it first on staging/test website and see how it goes.  

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