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How to get SQL query from executed function


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I have a function which pulls list of products:

        $id_category = false;
        $only_active =true;
        $context = null;

Product::getProducts($id_lang, $start, $limit, $order_by, $order_way, $id_category, $only_active,  $context)

How can i see that query? The problem is there are some products missing in this select of 25 products.



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If you just want to display the request, you just have to put this kind of code in the file Product.php


Also, I would place it right after the $sql declaration to avoid wasting time with all the processing behind it.

$rq = Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->executeS($sql);
if ($order_by == 'price') {
	Tools::orderbyPrice($rq, $order_way);


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Il y a 4 heures, ps8moduly.cz a dit :

Beware of die(), if you have a live store, customers will wonder if it will show up 😄

Of course, but we can assume that we are in the developer section of the forum and that some evidence is already acquired and if not, that the applicant will acquire it at that time 😉

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