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Japanese language not displaying properly


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I am trying to install the Japanese language on my shop, but after I added the language through Add/Update a Language in Translations and then imported the localization pack, the Japanese characters do not display properly in urls and in my backend. I see a bunch of question marks instead:


Note that when I go inside Translations > Modify Translations, some (very few) lines do correctly appear in Japanese. All the rest are blank.634577993_Immagine2023-01-26111541.png.4802d8b26eccfc459035fb795445324a.png.

I have already tried deleting the language and re-installing it, but I get the same error every time. Weirdly enough the option appearing inside Add/Update a Language before adding the language is displayed correctly, I have no idea why:



Anyone know how to solve this? 

PrestaShop version, PHP 7.4

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