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Customers can't checkout


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I keep having an issue with the website whereby customers somehow cannot checkout anymore. There is no reason why and I normally have to go back to last night backup as there is no obvious reason why it stopped working.

We're on using Dekora theme. Normally clearing the cache fixes the issue but today we've not had orders for six hours, and can see lots of carts with nobody checking out.

Website is craftyflair.co.uk

We're on shared hosting on unlimitedwebhosting.co.uk on cPanel.

I suspect the theme but I can't understand why with all our payment options (Card, PayPal, Klarna, Amazon and Clearpay) none are working.

We've tested it and it works fine, we can place orders (PayPal) but our customers can't. I don't know if its the hosting, prestashop or the theme. It's very stressful not knowing how to fix this so I'd really appreciate some help.



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On 1/24/2023 at 4:50 PM, craftyflair said:

Yes, using a customer account that I use for testing.

I just went and bought a glue as a guest, it went OK when first clicking on the checkout as a guest option. Paypal opened allright. CreditCard option I did not even see.

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Sorry for not replying sooner. I've done more testing and spoke to many customers. Most customers can checkout without any issues, but there are some customers that when they select PayPal and then go to 'Place Order', it goes back to the home page. There are no errors in any logs. On one instance, I reverted back to the classic theme and they was able to get the customer to place the order, but then none of the links worked so had to restore from  a backup. So I believe it is theme based then? But then why does it work for some and not others. I thought it was older iPads, but then someone with a new Windows Laptop couldn't do it either.

Any ideas, as potentially losing a lot if they don't pay by card.

Thanks in Advance.

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