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Error while crawling -Error establishing connection -Google Shopping


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33 minutes ago, Mujo said:

Lately I've been getting this error very often, so my products are deactivated by Google Shopping . I have no clue where to start 😕

Have you sold over Google shopping before or did it never work? I'm not to sure that Google shopping is working that good in D.A.CH. The absence of data makes me think that Google shopping will be outsourced. Similar to Google + or now stadia

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31 minutes ago, Mujo said:

It worked before fine - Just started in last few weeks. How can I find out if the site is having issue with crawling or looading ? - All the links works when i test it

Than you should direct your querry to google shopping, they could have updated something, has happened before.

Regarding sales is it really worth to be on Google Shopping?

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