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Category thumbnail won't show on the website, but category cover image instead


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In Prestashop 1.7, it is said that

Category cover image - displays the file transferred from the disk next to the category description.

Category thumbnail - the image is displayed on the main category page. If you don't add a file here, the system will use the file from the category image.

but when I upload a category cover image, even if I have uploaded a category thumbnail, it is the category cover image that will show online ( and not the category thumbnail I have uploaded), even if it the thumbnail is uploaded properly in the BO.

And If I don't put a category thumbnail then I will get a "no image"on the website... which does not look nice either!

I want to have a category thumbnail that is different from the category cover image but it does not work... but it should!

can you tell me how to change the code so that it works as it should be?


thank you

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