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[MODULE] Advanced VAT Manager (VAt exemption and Brexit) - The most professional and featured module with advanced options for VAT management


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I present to you a recent development to manage customers and addresses with a VAT number valid for intra-community operations and to be exempt from paying VAT. The module is Advanced VAT Manager in sale in Prestashop addons.

Advanced VAT Manager

The Advanced VAT Manager module is the most advanced module with the most features developed for Prestashop, manages customers' VAT numbers in an advanced way so that they are exempt from paying taxes if they have a valid VAT number for intra-community operations, through the official VIES or GOV.UK systems for UK numbers. It also has many configuration options and a scanning system to check the VAT numbers of customers that are already registered in the database and to check that they still have a valid VAT number.

Tax-free purchase invoices will be generated for all customers with valid VAT numbers within the European Union.

In addition, this module is updated with the latest regulations on intra-community operations and Brexit. You have an option to activate the Brexit system so that customers with addresses in the United Kingdom pay the tax in the store for purchases equal to or less than 135 Pounds. For purchases of a higher amount, they will be exempt from taxes.

It is also provided with an option to PROHIBIT the placing of orders whose amount is greater or less than 135 Pounds.

The module has an option to check the company name inserted by the client, with the company name registered in the official system in relation to the issued VAT number. In case the company name is not correct, it does not allow the registration of that address. On the other hand, there is an option for the system itself to complete the company field with the real name registered in the official VIES or GOV.UK system.

If you want to try the module before purchasing it, you can enter the demo store that we have available for this module and all the modules that we sell in Prestashop Addons.


  • The validation process is carried out in the address forms of the front-office and in the Back-office.
  • Selection of the countries in which you want the VAT numbers to be validated.
  • Brexit compliant £135 threshold.
  • Option to not allow purchases above or below 135 GBP.
  • Format validation system and through the official platform VIES or GOV.UK.
  • Option to insert the VAT number of the merchant to perform the 2-way validation.
  • Customization of legal texts and invoice notes (Multi-language).
  • Smart and strict validation mode.
  • Company name validation option.
  • Option to auto-insert the registered name of the company in the "company" field of the address form.
  • Option to allow duplicate VAT numbers from different customers.
  • Option to save the VAT number in capital letters.
  • Client default group assignment.
  • Assignment of customer groups by country.
  • Option to assign a client group and eliminate the rest of the groups.
  • Tax exemption by group of clients.
  • Configuration of order status with valid VAT number or pending validation.
  • Sending emails to customers to validate their VAT numbers when they are invalid, the field is empty or it is duplicated.
  • Notify the customer during the purchase process or in the address section if they have an invalid VAT number or do not have it configured.
  • Option to configure the VAT number field as optional or mandatory.
  • Option to show or hide the field if the customer fills in the company field.
  • Sending an email to the store administrator to notify if a customer registers an address with a valid VAT number or the VIES system fails in the validation process.
  • Customization of the VAT number field (Label and legend). Multi language.
  • Personalization of notes and legal text in invoices exempt from VAT or regulated by Brexit.
  • It shows the price without taxes in the product file, product list, shopping cart and cart summary.
  • Shows a custom block in the product file (below the price) when a customer is exempt from VAT. Shows the tax-exempt label next to the price.
  • Option to manually validate VAT numbers from the Back-office.
  • Option to skip the VIES validation process in case it fails.
  • Advanced database scanning system with many options from a VAT management panel installed in the Back-office.
  • Administration of tax exemption for certain clients.
  • CRON task to scan customers' VAT numbers on a daily basis and keep their validation updated.
  • Selection of type of address for the exemption (Delivery address and/or billing address).
  • Export of invoices by date range in PDF for orders exempt from VAT or related to Brexit.


DEMO: https://demo.liewebs.com



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