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Hi all, I need some help on figuring out how to edit the admin panel / back-end Order View, to make some CSS changes to the shipping address that it displays. (On my previous install of 1.7.2, this worked perfectly).


In my old PrestaShop 1.7.2, in this file: /admin/themes/default/template/controllers/orders/helpers/view/view.tpl, I had this code which worked perfectly: 

						<a href="#" onclick="CopyToClipboard('customer-name');return false;"><div class="customer-name" id="customer-name">{$addresses.delivery->firstname} {$addresses.delivery->lastname}</div></a>
						<a href="#" onclick="CopyToClipboard('customer-company');return false;"><div class="customer-company" id="customer-company">{$addresses.delivery->company}</div></a>
						<a href="#" onclick="CopyToClipboard('customer-address1');return false;"><div class="customer-address1" id="customer-address1">{$addresses.delivery->address1}</div>
						<a href="#" onclick="CopyToClipboard('customer-address2');return false;"><div class="customer-address2" id="customer-address2">{$addresses.delivery->address2}</div>
						<a href="#" onclick="CopyToClipboard('customer-city');return false;"><div class="customer-city" id="customer-city">{$addresses.delivery->city}</div>
						<a href="#" onclick="CopyToClipboard('customer-state');return false;"><div class="customer-state" id="customer-state">{$addresses.deliveryState->name}</div>
						<a href="#" onclick="CopyToClipboard('customer-postcode');return false;"><div class="customer-postcode" id="customer-postcode">{$addresses.delivery->postcode}</div>
						<a href="#" onclick="CopyToClipboard('customer-country');return false;"><div class="customer-country" id="customer-country">{$addresses.delivery->country}</div>
						<a href="#" onclick="CopyToClipboard('customer-phone');return false;"><div class="customer-phone" id="customer-phone">{$addresses.delivery->phone}</div>


In the new PrestaShop, I did a quick google and found the file (I think) that needs editing, which is: /src/PrestaShopBundle/Resources/views/Admin/Sell/Order/Order/Blocks/View/customer.html.twig

I need to replicate the above code(I think?) to replace this: 

            {% for line in orderForViewing.shippingAddressFormatted|split("\n") %}
              <p class="mb-0">{{ line }}</p>
            {% endfor %}

But I have absolutely no idea how.


If anyone could help, this would be really appreciated! I am willing to pay to get this working ASAP!


Thank you

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7 hours ago, prestashopfree.com said:

Hi, I'm happy to help.
Will you need a module for this, or just a modified twig?

Do you need to build the CopyToClipboard function directly into twig?




I just need the code to copy/paste.


I also need something else adding to the same page;

If a customer has 2 or more "payment accepted" orders, to show a div at the top of the order-detail page:


This was my old code, I couldn't find where my last developer added the $customer_with_more_payment_accepted_status = 1 code though

	{if $customer_with_more_payment_accepted_status == 1}
	<div class="multipleorderalert" style="
		background-color: #ff0000;
		padding: 20px;
		color: #ffffff;
		font-size: 20px;
		font-weight: bold;
		text-align: center;
		margin-bottom: 15px; 


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I see that you have created a module to intervene on this zone of addresses which has changed
I have a somewhat similar need for one of my clients.
he would like phone numbers to be displayed with spaces between groups of 2 digits to be more readable

xxxxxxxxxx => xx xx xx xx xx

do you think it is possible?
how much do you charge for this feature?
Natacha Courcelles

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On 1/8/2023 at 4:00 AM, ps8moduly.cz said:

Solved by creating a mini module using JavaScript and ajax. Free of charge 😉

I received a voluntary donation and I did it for free.
Thank you @sampsonzak

Please mark this thread as resolved.


Is it possible to add a CSS fragment to modify the copy so that when the customer enters the VAT number, this inscription blinks or becomes more visible?


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I'm interested in having the order address and carrier tracking number box located near each other in the backend. After I pack a package and generate a tracking number on my shipping software, I currently have to scroll down and click the carrier tab then edit then paste the tracking. It's a lot of effort compared to PS 1.6.

Using PS 8.1.0


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