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1-click-upgrade - how working, where to find in Database


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Hi, i am looking for information about the 1-click-upgrade-modul, because i cloned my live webshop to have a developer instance. I substituted all old urls to the new one in the db and the site seems to work well. In the 1-click update I see the old backups from the live site and the files seems to be in admin/autoupgrade folder... - its enough to delete them only in the folder or also in the DB?
My main question is if there is any configuration in another file or in the database which I maybe have not changed.. so that it could happen that the upgrade on the developer site make something wrong in the live site?

Dont think so but would be sure..


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Hi JBW,thanks for the info. I now had the strange behaviour on the actual update to that it worked perfect on the cloned test site... but when updating on the live site, the site was no working anymore correct! Lot of content was not shown anymore, like swiperslider images from sunnytoo.. i am using a panda theme...
Very strange because on the teting site everything was fine.. i restored the old backup.. but i would like to update.. whitout loss of content.. the problem also was that i could not reactivate that images in the slider.. my homepage banner images f.ex... the created slider was there , but without the image names in it and when trying to create again, it was not possible! it keept empty...no idea.
maybe do another backup and make a maual upgrade?? Any hints?

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