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Upgrade from 1.7.2 to 1.7.8 - Invalid token error


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Hi, going through my testing server, upgrading from PHP 7.1, PrestaShop 1.7.2 -> PHP 7.4, PrestaShop


All upgraded fine, modules working, site working fine, everything is working as expected, other than saving/modfying in the admin panel.


I have cleared cache many times, deleted all cookies/storage from browser, tried incognito browser, and the exact same problem;


When updating tracking numbers / saving notes on customers, I get this error:

Invalid token: direct access to this link may lead to a potential security breach.


I click ' I understand', and it does nothing. Just reloads the page but what I saved, did not save


What could be causing this please? How can I debug or troubleshoot this? Please help!!


Thank you



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2 minutes ago, ComGrafPL said:

Try those solutions



Thank you! I disabled "VARNISH" service in Cloudways and it's working now. I've run into another problem (unrelated by the looks of it), cannot edit any of my products, the textboxes have disappeared, and I receive this error in the console:


VM2044:2 Uncaught Error: Could not find control by type: button
    at Object.create (<anonymous>:2:358886)
    at Array.<anonymous> (theme.min.js:1:988)
    at jt (<anonymous>:2:29356)
    at t (theme.min.js:1:97)
    at t (theme.min.js:1:1124)
    at a (theme.min.js:1:4372)
    at l.renderUI (theme.min.js:1:6206)
    at _w (<anonymous>:2:331185)
    at Aw (<anonymous>:2:332241)
    at tN.<anonymous> (<anonymous>:2:333551)


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