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Child theme don't load parents assets

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This has probably been asked before, but I couldn't find an answer anywhere.

We are configuring a new site for a client, and in order not to modify the main theme, we are creating a personal theme through a child theme.

If I use the parent theme, I see that the assets defined in its config are loaded correctly. But if I use the child theme, despite the fact that in the configuration I tell it to use the parent's assets, I don't see that it loads them correctly. The parent images yes, but not the CSS or JS.

Parent theme.yml


Parent result


Child theme.yml


Child result


Is copying the assets from the parent theme to the child the only way to include them in the child theme?

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if you use child theme you will have problems on translations, i s a know bug that is not resolved yet.

Using a child theme is like overriding the default one so if you not copy a css to the child theme it will use the parent css.

This is working also with .tpl files, is the normal behaviour.

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I think you didn't read any of my post.

The workflow you describe is as it should be.

But as I said, when setting my child theme to use the parent assets, it doesn't load the parent's css and js files. I have to overwrite them by copying to the child theme to get them to load.

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