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Blang page in custom CMS page when using browser back button


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Hi guys,

I've searched a lot but didn't find the solution of my problem so maybe you'll be able to help because IMHO it's the Prestashop bug.

My problem is that I have some custom CMS pages in my shop. Everything works fine when I open such a custom cms page but when go to other page and then I use "go back" button in browser I get a white page with the same URL. When i refresh a website the website is loading fine. It's quite curious that the problem doesn't appear on mobile devices, only on desktop.

Screenshot 2022-12-06 113111.png

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1 hour ago, endriu107 said:

I think it could be cache related issue. If you turn on debug mode issue still exist?

Yes 😕 I have a debug mode enabled and a cache is off because the shop is in maintenance mode. As you can see on the ss below a response from the server has status 200 OK but I don't receive any content.



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