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order getting added with validateOrder - Total paid amount does not match cart total error


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When I was trying to add order using validateOrder method 


                            (int) $cartId,


                            (float) $this->context->cart->getOrderTotal(true, Cart::BOTH),




                            (int) $this->context->currency->id,




as mentioned above but most of the time wrong status was getting added in PrestaShop.

when validating in the ValidateOrder method of PrestaShop it goes breaks at the below condition



amount_paid will be 3rd parameter which we passing to method    (float) $this->context->cart->getOrderTotal(true, Cart::BOTH)

 $cart_total_paid = (float) Tools::ps_round(

            (float) $this->context->cart->getOrderTotal(true, Cart::BOTH),



 $comp_precision = Context::getContext()->getComputingPrecision();

        if ($order_status->logable && (number_format($cart_total_paid, $comp_precision) !== number_format($amount_paid, $comp_precision))) {

            PrestaShopLogger::addLog('PaymentModule::validateOrder - Total paid amount does not match cart total', 3, null, 'Cart', (int) $id_cart, true);

            $id_order_state = Configuration::get('PS_OS_ERROR');



as mentioned above both values were fetched dynamically by Prestashop itself it goes failed and the order got added with "Payment with error" status.

Thanks in advanced

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