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Edit Link Color on Checkout Form


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File: /presta/themes/finalcart/templates/checkout/_partials/steps/personal-information.tpl

I want to edit the link colors for the checkout-guest-form links. They are currently a dark gray but I want the selected option to be a different color, so it is easier for the user to see these as options/links.

Can someone help me figure out which class to edit in the theme.css file?

I tried a few but could not get the change I want to appear.


For example, I want the selected option to be RED and the unselected option to be BLUE.




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On 11/24/2022 at 10:13 AM, JBW said:

Use the inscpect function in your browser to find the correct CSS selector. Then add the correponding statement in yout themes custom.css (not theme.css)


20 minutes ago, kdash1228 said:

yes, those are the links I want to change the color for.

Just follow his advice

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