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Several Time to Duplicate Product

Luigi Donato

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in the last 2 days, i started having problems with product duplication, opening the ps_product_attribute table, i notice that the combinations are being created very very slowly.. In the end it can't even complete the duplication, since we are talking about 3-400 combinations.
The server works well, it's fast as well as all sections of the BO and FO, only duplicating and saving products takes much longer than expected.

  • I tried to change PHP version to understand if I could have configured something wrong, but I have the same problem, I checked CPU and RAM usage, but they are not under load.
  • I've turned on PHP's error_log, but no errors are being logged.
  • Folders and files have the right permissions and owner.
  • The HD is 97% full, still 2.1Gb left.
  • If I try to simulate a few dozen visitors, the CPU and RAM usage percentages increase, so the server configuration allows resource usage.
  • I tried using another browser and another device.

Anyone have suggestions?

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On 12/5/2022 at 3:47 PM, musicmaster said:

Did you try doing the same thing with Prestools? The basic version - that allows copying combinations for one product at a time - is free.

Your module could have been a solution, too bad the part of the code that copies the images is missing.

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