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Updating Carrier - a new record with a new id_carrier is created every time


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Yes every update carrier created new id the reason behind is for example 

i am customer and i place order with carrier id 295 and carrier cost is 10 that is good for my order.

now admin update carrier carrier cost with 15 then what happen in my old order carrier cost ? if carrier id is not updated then my cost carrier also 15  

now when i place next order that time  carrier cost apply my 15 but my old order carrier is 10 with old carrier id 295

i hope you understand 

Thank you 

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Ok I understand. Actually this can be applied to anything, ain't it? An admin updated the price for the product - and the customer has already paid for it. But the old price is kept fixed in the orders table, product is not duplicated every time it is being updated! This this the sensible behaviour...

In my case - the admin entered a wrong tracking url for the carrier and just wanted to fix the mistake by fixing the url. But the change is not applied to previous orders. So I need to go to SQL console and make the change from there bypassing Prestashop back office. Luckily for my clients I am able to do it.

I hope you understand

Thanks for all your enormous support

SQLyog saves us


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