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Combine shipping cost by order value and weight

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We have mainly free shipping from 250 € in our shop, depending a bit on the country (different free freight limit in different areas and in some fixed cost and not free at all).
But then we have some heavy and very expensive to ship products, what we want is to set weight information on these products so for example:
1 product called X is 300€ and weight is set to 0 kg.
1 product called Y is 25€ and weight is 1 kg. (we only set weight on the expensive products)
Customer buys 1 of X and 10 of Y. and this qualifies for free shipping since order is above 250€, but we want to make a rule that "if weight is above 2 kg, add 10€ for each kg in shipping cost".
Or some rule similar to that. Since we can afford to ship a pair of X that is quite lightweight to USA from Sweden, since its good value vs weight. but when customer buys cheap product Y that has lot of weight and low value we loose a lot on the shipping.

Does anyone know a module or tweak that can be used to combine both value on order and weight to not allow free shipping (and rather add extra cost / kg if weight is over a certain amount?

To only void free shipping if weight is to high is not enough, we need to charge extra for shipping depending on how many kg it is (but still need to use free shipping from 250€ on low weight products.

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