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Prestashop 8 overrides issue


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I would like if anybody had same issue like me testing my modules in Prestashop 8 version.

It happens for all my modules using overrides in mymodule/override/ folder.

I am using the same install and uninstall method used as always in my modules.

When I install the module using override, the Prestashop creates subfolder and override file inside root/override/ folder. But wehn I want to uninstall the module, some strange behaviour is performed...the override folder in root is removed completelly.

If I try to install again the module, Prestashop creates from zero the override folder again but an exemption is launched because Prestashop is not be able to create index.php and htaccess files inside override folder newly created...

In Prestashop 1.7 version, override folder never was removed from root, only subfolders or override file...but in Prestashop 8, removes override folder completely....It is not a normal behaviour...

anybody can know what is happening? is it a Prestashop 8 BUG or I have to use different methods to install and uninstall modules? I think it should be the same as Prestashop 1.7...because I read changelog and new changes and there is anything about changes in installation prodecures or overrides...



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