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Wrong taxes applied, when ordering via homepage


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Okay so, I am not quite sure, if it is a bug, but currently we have the problem, where the wrong tax is used when ordered via our homepage.

If someone purchases something via ebay or amazon, the correct and corresponding tax is applied (either 19%, or 7% - Germany).

But if any orders are placed, using our website, it always uses the 19%, but only at the very end.

So if an order is placed, it shows the correct 7%. In the invoice it also displays the correct amount of 7%.

But as soon as you hit "Confirm order" (or at least I think right about there, because it is the final step in ordering), it inserts 19% in the database.

Prestashop version is

No changes in the core files or something like that. Only backoffice.

I really hope, someone can help here.




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