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There are two different VAT prices displayed ?


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Does anyone have clue why prestashop would display two diffenrent including VAT prices in de product view ?
And where does this number come from ?

The ex vat price is 25.39. Vat is 21%. Including Vat price should be 35,03 like displayed. So where does the price of 30,72 come from ?


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On 9/17/2022 at 6:30 PM, QuickUpdate.net said:

Possible variation price with discount or you have some specific prices discounts set

The thin is that this is happening on all products. I checked but there is no discount or variation price set that comes close to the price displayed.
I am really not sure where to look now.

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Sometimes VAT is shown on a separate line. This does not mean you're paying extra - it just shows how much tax is included in the price. Invoices from suppliers like builders, painters and decorators must show a separate amount for VAT and their VAT registration number.

Regards : John Marshal

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Unfortunately this is a recurring problem.
As you can see in the images, i actually enter the right price into the tax excluded field (193,95). The tax including field automatically calculates the right price (234,68).

However, when saved, it shows the wrong prices on the product page.
The total price is correct but i don't understand where the tax excluded / included prices are comming from?

I dont use any special prices or something. So i really don't understand why those amounts appear  ?

Anyone got a clue ?



1 - Opera.png



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