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Backoffice fatal error : Call to a member function set() on integer


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I restored my shop after some issues with hosting but for some reason the Backoffice it is not working. I am getting the following error from attached screenshot

Call to a member function set() on integer 

I have already tried to delete cache from var/cache ( dev & prod ) but with no luck.

The strange thing is if I move all the files under a mydomain.com/shop/ for example and update ps_shop_url table accordingly everything works as expected ( front office and backoffice )

As soon as I move the shop under the maindomain.com I cannot access Backoffice due to the above error. The front office works fine , no issues.

Anyone got any idea what is causing this ? I search about this but I could not find any reason why it behaves like this. 


PS Version:

Php Version : 7.2


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