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Discounts, specific prices and taxes are turning me crazy!


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I'm having a bug in the summary of my orders and I can't figure a way to solve it. I have been checking many files and trying different options (and reading threads and more threads related on Google) and my last conclusion is that Prestashop calculates wrong the taxes when there is a product in the cart with a specific price.

When there is a specific price in the cart, Prestashop takes the value without the discount and calculates the taxes over this value instead of calculate it in the value of the specific price.

If we have a product with a value 100 and a specific price with a 10% discount on it, this is a final value of 90. Then Prestashop gets the 100 and applies the taxes percentage (instead of do it over the 90, which would be the correct way).

So I was looking for a solution and I get to the CartRule file and check that inside it is a part of the code that references specific prices with percentage, even though it is not working when the function is called in the Cart.php file.

Do somebody have any idea of how could we solve this issue? I'm getting crazy with this issue!

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