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Can't log to backoffice (prestashop


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Hi everyone,

I have had, in the lapse of 3 weeks, this same bug 2 times. This bug is related to the access of the backoffice. Suddenly I can't log in prestashop's dashboard. I enter the correct user and password and it loads but doesn't log in. When I enter a wrong password, it doesn't display the error (I attach a screenshot of this below, I have changed the cookie in url also some text).


I have solved it twice restoring a backup of the files from the previous 24-36h, because deleting prestashop's cache by ftp and browser's cache, does not solve the issue.

I have installed the files with the bug in a subdomain in case prestahsop's developers want to have a look.

If anyone have experienced a similar issue, please tell me.

Thanks for reading this.

Best regards for all of you


PrestaShop version(s) where the bug happened

PHP version(s) where the bug happened


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15 hours ago, Zohaib-fk said:


I faced similar issues in past and it was solved by the below steps

Try rename 2 folders , they will be auto-generated var/cache/prod and var/cache/dev to var/cache/prod_old and var/cache/dev_old

Change the PHP version and check in a private browser.

Hi Zohaib,

Thanks for your reply. Yes I already did that but doesn't work in my case

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16 hours ago, ComGrafPL said:

Have you checked if your files wasn't compromised.

FR topic by @Eolia


This solved it! I have just finished using this script and changed some files. Now I'm going to update the staging website to last version.

Thank you very much :)

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