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Bank transfer not translated from admin made orders


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Bank transfer from module ps_wiretransfer is translated when customer makes order, but is not translated when the order is made from admin console (as in example if order is sent via email). 

Not translated in: Order confirmation email, Pdf invoice, Customer order history and can be that in more places.

Can anybody confirm this?

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I think that most probably the emails sent when you create the order from the back office are in the language which is set for your back office account. Most probably this is different than the language on the front end when the customer creates the order.
Please try to set the back office account to another language and create a test order from the back office and see if the emails will be in the newly set language. 
I hope that I could help.
Have a nice day, Leo.

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Problem seems to be in file: classes/PaymentModule.php in lines 991-992. Currently there is:

$order->payment = $payment_method;
        if (isset($name)) {
            $order->module = $name;

How to correct these lines for translating the payment method name into customer language?

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Not very active forum...

To specify the problem "payment_mehtod"  is translated in FO to customer chosen language and in BO to admin language. So it is translated, but in latter case language is chosen not correctly. As it seems from BO you choose cart language first. So, most probably there should be first referred to cart and then to cart language and then this omitted for the payment_method translated value selection. How to do it, just 


added does not help. What is the correct way to force cart/customer language for the payment method translation?

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