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Google search does not find newly listed products on our website


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Hi All!

Google does not seem to find our website when searching products we recently posted on our website. When searching products listed a couple years ago, Google shows in search results ok, with no issues.

Products stopped showing up in search results the past couple months, since we started posting new products on our website. When searching Google, the new products on our website do not show in the Google search results.

Could this be a simple thing to resolve? Can anyone help? 

Thanks in advance!

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Google may have to search to find new things, it may be a Google thing. If you have a site map or just want to register things, there is a way to register site and site parts with Google for faster indexing. All as per one might be maybe or might not be maybe, maybe or maybe not, maybe.

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You can type your website domain like the below example to find all website pages indexed and positioned by Google search.

Attached is a screenshot for your reference, Also, you can paste any link on the Google search box directly to know whether is indexed or not.


I have a module to do quick indexing using Google Cloud APIs of indexing.




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