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A searchbar is displayed on each line of my cart.


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Hi everyone,

I recently noticed that a search bar was displayed on each product line in my cart.




When I change the "col-md-5" class to another in file above, the search bar is removed.

How can a Bootstrap class implement a widget in a template from a class?

Thanks in advance.

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17 hours ago, webprog said:

There can be any changes in js files of your theme or influence of js files of other modules.

thank you for answering me.

I have indeed tried to desactivate the modules dating from the last 6 months but it does not change anything.
I also deleted the templates of the child theme to see if a modification would add the search bar. 
I also deleted the custom css of the child theme.
I also checked the module positions on the hooks, when I remove the ps_searchbar module from the hooks: "displayTop" or "displayNav1", it's only then that the bar disappears from the product lines of the cart.

I really don't see what can add a search bar at these places. If I apply the parent theme, the bar disappears, but obviously this is not the goal.


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