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SAP Business One Integration


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2 hours ago, Fares79 said:


I would like to ask you kindly if there is a way to integrate PrestaShop store with SAP Business One through API's or other way?

Appreciate your help in this


Best Regards,

Hi, I recommend you to take a look at https://binshops.com

We have created a REST API module for prestashop, which is pretty much easy to extend. Just take a look.

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Considering that this thread is a year old, I'm quite curious to know how your integration journey has progressed. Have you found a successful way to integrate PrestaShop and SAP Business One? Your insights would be invaluable for others navigating similar challenges.
Speaking of tools and setup, have you ever considered using a project management whiteboard feature to visualize and streamline this integration process? This kind of feature works wonders when you're trying to sync two disparate systems and need to coordinate various steps, from initial research to final implementation.

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