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Save invoice PDF in specific folder when order is complete


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As the title of the topic, I would like to save the PDF invoices automatically when order is complete.

I overrided the 2 PDF classes :


class PDF extends PDFCore
    public function render($display = true)
        if($this->template == PDF::TEMPLATE_INVOICE)
            parent::render('F', true); //This renders to automatic save

        return parent::render($display);


and PDFGenerator

class PDFGenerator extends PDFGeneratorCore
	public function render($filename, $display = true)
        if (empty($filename)) {
            throw new PrestaShopException('Missing filename.');


        if ($display === true) {
            $output = 'D';
        } elseif ($display === false) {
            $output = 'S';
        } elseif ($display == 'D') {
            $output = 'D';
        } elseif ($display == 'S') {
            $output = 'S';
		} elseif ($display == 'F') {
            $output = 'F';
            $filename = _PS_ROOT_DIR_.'/Compta/tva-new/invoices/'.$filename;
        } else {
            $output = 'I';

        return $this->output($filename, $output);

Then : the files are saved in the folder, but if a customer (or from admin) wants to download his invoice, the file is blank. 

So how it's possible to have both : invoices downloadable from admin or frontend AND automatically saved in the folder.

Many thanks in advance.

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