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[MODULE] Take charge of the SEO of your products and images

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You probably don't know it yet, but this module will save you time and will also offer you the possibility to delegate the management of the referencing of your catalog in complete security.

So no, this module will not do the work for you, because SEO is a serious thing that must be thought out and above all always be unique and optimized for all the products in your catalog, not something that stupidly pastes identical data in the same place on all products.

Yes, it's long, yes, it's tedious, but is your goal to make money with your business or just to please the module sellers?

This module will allow you to access all the necessary data to set up a real referencing policy on your products, so on a single page you will be able to intervene on all the customizable elements and to customize your product sheets.

More than a long speech, I let you take in hand the demonstration of the module.









Module available on :


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