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Re-ordering feature values (position)


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We have Prestashop installed.

It is possible to reorder attribute values (by position) in the admin?
The position column is working AOK to reorder attribute values. But there is not position column showing to reorder feature values.

There's a workaround suggested in an archived thread here (by adding a number to feature names). But that's an unsatisfactory solution given the way attribute values are re-positionable.

Does anyone know of any improvements to this since 2017?




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Thanks Knacky,
 Does that let you edit the order of features values too?

 Here's a couple of screenshots of the features admin and attributes admin in ...

 The attribute value order is already editable ... with a position column showing up (drag-and-drop repositioning works).
 But the very similar features value table does not have a position column, making the default order of features values the order in which they were created.

 I can happily choose what order I want garment sizes or colours to output (using the attribute value position column) ... but I'm unable to control what order product 'features' are output in (there is no position column and features get output in the order they were created).

 Does your module let you assign position (order) to feature values?


Screenshot 2022-07-12 at 11.14.01.png

Screenshot 2022-07-12 at 11.13.24.png

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