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The controller for URI "/sell/orders/" is not callable


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Salve, dovrei implementare ed estendere il controller ordini in backend... di seguito il contesto...


	"name"     : "author/mymodule",   
	"autoload" : {
	   "psr-4" : {"Namespace1\\" : "src/"},
	   "classmap": ["mymodule.php"],
	   "config": {"prepend-autoloader" : false},
	   "type"  : "prestashop-module"


  path: /sell/orders/
  methods: [GET, POST]
    _controller: 'Namespace1\Controller\Admin\DemoController::indexAction' 
    _legacy_controller: 'AdminOrders'
    _legacy_link: 'AdminOrders'
    _disable_module_prefix: true



namespace NameSpace1\Controller\Admin;

use PrestaShopBundle\Controller\Admin\FrameworkBundleAdminController;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request;

class DemoController extends FrameworkBundleAdminController
    public function indexAction(Request $request)
    { //write your action to be done 
        echo "CIAO";


dopo aver installato le dipendeze con composer ed eliminato la cache mi risulta questo errore

The controller for URI "/sell/orders/" is not callable: Class "EngFatturazione\Controller\Admin\DemoController" does not exist.

Dove sbaglio?

Grazie mille!

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