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Correct migration to different server / Docker + Github (tips?)


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I've started my journey with Prestashop recently. Working on folders and files seems easy to understand but there is one problem I need help with. 

Me and my team will be working together on one project in the future. We've choose Docker as platform for developing. I thought that copying whole directory ('html' folder) and putting it on different instance of docker would just work without any trouble. I've faced few errors that I had to fix after migration but there is one type of errors that really makes everything harder. Permissions. When everything on front office works and all the modifications in code I made are visible there is still problem with random functions on backoffice side.

Can't add product photos because of the errors such as : 
"The file could not be uploaded. No temporary folder was configured in php.ini, or the configured folder does not exist."
"No route found for "GET /sell/catalog/products/image/upload/57": Method Not Allowed (Allow: POST)"

Brand/manufacturer img:
"The file could not be uploaded."

Format is not a problem. I've tried with photos which were uploaded on first instance of Docker Prestashop.

I don't know how many functions from BO have problems but I'd like to learn how to prevent such a behaviour.

I've tried:
After migration I've deleted all 'cache' folders.
For test I've set all the files and directories with 777 permission and the error still occurs.

If you have any tips, please let me know 

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