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Preselect checkout values from last order


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Hi everybody,

I'd like to streamline the checkout process to users that have already bought in our shop.

The idea would be that once the user clicks on proceed to checkout, instead of jumping to the first step (address selection) they would jump directly to the last checkout option with all fields filled in from the last order he made.

So in the checkout process it would be like...

if (customer_logged_in AND customer_had_an_older_order()) {






// Continue with normal checkout.


This way all three steps would be pre chosen and user would jump directly to accept the payment options or edit them, just one step prior to making the order.


I have not found a module or any info to do this. Yet, I guess I am not the first one that has seen this as an interesting feature, so... can anyone give a hint? Am I looking for something that has a well known name I am not aware of? Are there blocking problems that makes it very difficult to do? Is there any parameter in prestashop that let you do it so I only have to activate it?


Any help will be highly appreciated.












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