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Add custom field in product form


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I am trying to add a custom field by the name "minimumprice" in product form right after the wholesale_price. I have used the following code to achieve it. But it is not working. Custom field is not displayed in the product form.


public function hookActionProductFormBuilderModifier(array $params) {

/** @var $formBuilder \Symfony\Component\Form */

$formBuilder = $params['form_builder']; 

$allFields = $formBuilder->all(); foreach ($allFields as $inputField => $input) {

$formBuilder->remove($inputField); }

foreach ($allFields as $inputField => $input) {


if ($inputField == 'wholesale_price') {

/** @var MoneyType::class \Symfony\Component\Form\Extension\Core\Type\MoneyType */

$formBuilder->add( 'minimumprice', MoneyType::class, ['label' => 'Minimum Price'] );

} } } 

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