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Display nb of orders on my-account


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can you please help me with this issue, I need to display the total of orders on the client area section 



{$orders_count} placed



            'totalorders' => $totalorders,






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Hi @eagleman,

for these two variables to be included into the \themes\YOURTHEME\templates\customer\my-account.tpl , you should create an override: override\controllers\front\MyAccountController.php and at this code to it:

class MyAccountController extends MyAccountControllerCore
    public function initContent()
        $orders_count = Order::getCustomerNbOrders($this->context->customer->id);
        $totalorders = Order::getCustomerOrders($this->context->customer->id);
                'orders_count'=> $orders_count,
                'totalorders'=> $totalorders

Then clear cache and you can use these variables in your template:{$orders_count} and {$totalorders|dump}

I hope that I could help.
Have a nice day, Leo.

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