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Adding a New Language


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This is to do with Google’s recent decision to require separate ‘feeds’ (of products, details and prices) before allowing promotion through Google Shopping for each market that we serve.  We are in the UK selling in to Europe.

To create a separate feed for each country I need a separate ’language’ for each territory that we sell to.

Where the ‘language’ already exists in Prestashop – for France and Spain for example, then this is easy.

But I have experienced an issue in creating a NEW Language.

In this instance we sell to Ireland (the Republic).

There is no language pack for ‘Ireland (English)’.

I have followed the instructions in the User Manual to create a new language – Irish (English).

This is successful, but, when I try to copy the existing 'English GB' language to 'English IE' the process fails with the following errors:


Impossible to copy "/home/ ... /translations/gb/admin.php" to "/home/ ... /translations/ie/admin.php".

Impossible to copy "/home/ ... /translations/gb/errors.php" to "/home/ ... /translations/ie/errors.php".

Impossible to copy "/home/ ... /translations/gb/fields.php" to "/home/ ... /translations/ie/fields.php".

Impossible to copy "/home/ ... /translations/gb/pdf.php" to "/home/ ... /translations/ie/pdf.php".

Impossible to copy "/home/ ... /translations/gb/tabs.php" to "/home/ ... /translations/ie/tabs.php".

Impossible to copy "/home/ ... /mails/gb/lang.php" to "/home/ ... /mails/ie/lang.php".

Impossible to copy "/home/ ... /themes/child_classic-rocket/lang/gb.php" to "/home/ ... /themes/child_classic-rocket/lang/ie.php".

A part of the data has been copied but some of the language files could not be found.


Any ideas on what's going wrong here and any instructions on how to successfully copy one language to another?

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