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Query id_category_default and assigning all parent categories


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I've got that XML / CSV importer I put based on some code other guys tried in the past. It has been heavily modified to suit needs of automation. Now importer does import product to specific categories. We are using id_category_default to set default category but problem is while product is being imported it stays only within default category, despite it has a parent. 

Now where does the info go about parent categories?

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Hi and welcome to the dead forum, as you presume.

Do not expect answer in 5 hours, especially when you did not provide any info on your PrestaShop version. Or example row of data you want to import.


Now, for your question, I did not use import for quite some time but from sample CSV think you need to add all categories you want product to be.


Categories (x,y,z...)

So if you just added one id,  for id_category_default , it will import just to that category. It do not have a feature to import to all parents automatically.

Try with for example 10,8,3,2 if id_category_default is 10 and other are parent categories id's.


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