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[MODULE] Control access to your PrestaShop store by country

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This module will allow you to easily and intuitively manage the access to your site according to the country of origin of your visitors.

You can simply prohibit access to your site to certain countries either for security reasons or because you are not allowed to sell in that country.

It will also allow you to define global or customized redirects.

For example, if you have official distributors by country, you will be able to automatically redirect a visitor to your site from another country to the site of your distributor partner in that country.

If you don't define a redirection, the visitor coming from a forbidden country will see a maintenance page informing him of the non-distribution of your products for his country so that he is not suddenly told that his country is forbidden.








Online demonstrations: https://medcountryaccess.carrd.co/

Download the module on :

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