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Combinations not shown


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I have a problem with the combinations shown in product page (front office).

I created these combinations below in the backoffice without problem. But in the front office I cannot see last two combinations (attribute 3+attribute2). My goal is to force the user to choose between attribute 1 and attribute 3.

  • Attribute 1: A + Attribute 2: D
  • Attribute 1: A + Attribute 2: E
  • Attribute 1: B + Attribute 2: D
  • Attribute 1: C + Attribute 2: D
  • Attribute 3: F + Attribute 2: D (not shown on FO)
  • Attribute 3: G + Attribute 2: E (not shown on FO)

For example in a sweatshirt offered with/without hood, attribute 1 relates to the fabric colors for the crewneck model and attribute 3 to the fabric colors for the hoodie model. (I know in this case is easier to create two different products but its an example.)

I have checked the source code to check if the attribute 3 selector was hidden via css but it's not even there.
When I delete all the attribute 1 + attribute 2 combinations (the first four) it's when the attribute 3 selector is shown.

I hope I made it clear for you to help me.

Thank you in advance ! :)

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To avoid this problem, I think you should create all possible combinations between all those attributes, and the ones that are not now, I think you can put them stock 0, so they can't be added to the cart.

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