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API Problem - HTTP XML response Is not parsable


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I call the API via URL as indicated in this documentation.


https: //[email protected]/api/

Everything works correctly

While if I call the API through this code in PYTHON I get an error that says: HTTP XML response Is not parsable

from prestapyt import PrestaShopWebService
from xml.etree import ElementTree

def return_order(order):

    prestashop = PrestaShopWebService('https://xxxxxxxxxxx.com/api', '6J2QUZ8WJANVWAINCJ1F15HGX9ZW8U2Z')
    order_prestashop = ElementTree.tostring(prestashop.get('orders/%s' % (order))).decode()
    order_prestashop = ElementTree.fromstring(order_prestashop)
    return order_prestashop

How can I solve?


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